posted: July 7, 2010
Spent the fourth in Connecticut with my family. Recorded some of the goings on or not goings on in my book; my brother floating around in the pool, my car parked outside, a left foot and a right flip flop, my mother during a early morning coffee clutch, one of the many flower pots, ect. These paintings were done "on the spot". Some were done in just a moment, others were built more methodically. Both approaches, gestures of light color and feeling.

laura t. July 7, 2010
beautiful paintings, peter! i'm so jealous of your mad watercolor skillz. you'll have to teach me sometime. wish i was there! 8)
Kyle T Webster July 7, 2010
"Mad skillz" is right - very nice sketches.
Scott Bakal July 7, 2010
As usual, exceptional and interesting observational work. It is something that has been lacking in my life largely because the commute in and out of Manhattan stopped last year so I've been trying to work time into my schedule to get back to it. These inspired me to work harder at finding that time. Thanks for this! Beautiful work, my man!
Zina Saunders July 7, 2010
Wonderfully refreshing paintings, Peter, makes me feel like I'm there.
Zina Saunders July 7, 2010
Wonderfully refreshing paintings, Peter, makes me feel like I'm there.
peter July 7, 2010
Thanks Kyle for coming by and leaving a comment. Sure laura . . . I'd love to. Lets go out together sometime. Scottso it's well worth it. It helps that Mel is often with me painting as well or laying around in a bikini. OHHHH. Thanks Zina! hickup Thanks Zina!
Donald Kilpatrick July 7, 2010
Amazing as always, and i especially dig he feel of the second one down. You were able to make an SUV interesting.
Victor Juhasz July 7, 2010
Beautiful. Fresh. You can take a car in front of a house and turn it into a special vision.
Richard Downs July 7, 2010
Nice, Peter. Love the top piece.
peter July 7, 2010
richard and victor and Donzo . . . thanks for your comment. means a lot to me.
Shout July 8, 2010
very very nice!
Tim Goss July 14, 2010
Peter: These are wonderful in both their composition and style. Tim
Peter July 14, 2010
Thanks for the comment Tim. Checked out your site. Lovely work!