posted: August 9, 2010

Two of these drawings sustained a bit of damage while sitting innocently in the corner of my apartment. A leak from the apartment above spattered water on the first drawing. The water bounced off the top of a box that stored sketchbooks, landing on this drawing that was propped up on the wall beside it. Fifteen years of sketchbooks were damaged as well; very painful. The second drawing was torn when the corner of a frame, stored next to it, slid across the drawing’s surface. I guess I’m learning that I need to take better care of my artwork. Maybe use more durable and archival media. I also learned that I liked these drawings more then I let myself know.  I did them/do them while teaching my classes. It’s a way to keep me busy while giving students time to work out issues on their own. I end up trying new stuff, too. So I thought I would post the most recent drawing (the third) along with the other two that were very recently damaged as a way to respect them, and preserve them. I already uploaded a phone pic of the third drawing to Facebook; apologies for the redundancy. By the way, Thomas Anshutz, while teaching a cast drawing class at the Pennsylvania Academy, drew along with the students. I did a search online to share a few with you, but couldn’t find the knockout drawings that I have in a book about him.

Victor Juhasz August 9, 2010
Great drawings. Sometime-sometimes- accidents like these can actually add an unexpected edge/story to the image. So funny- the word here is "drawmore".
Douglas Fraser August 9, 2010
Solid sketching. That foot is so well done, I'm wondering if you have a fetish....just joking.
peter August 9, 2010
welll the foots ok. . . . and yes i do have foot thing. draw more is the word isn't it vic
Kyle T Webster August 9, 2010
These are all nice but the last one is really spectacular!
John Dykes August 9, 2010
Like a lot.
Nancy Stahl August 10, 2010
So sorry to hear about the leak. That must have been devastating to discover the damage. These drawings are beautiful, Peter. Do I recognize the first model?
Greg Clarke August 10, 2010
Splendid drawings Peter.
PEter August 10, 2010
Thanks for coming by and leaving comments guys.
Christoph Hitz August 10, 2010
I looooooove the last one, superb work.
Scott Bakal August 10, 2010
Hey Peter...great drawings! I've actually been going through a storage thing here recently. Trying to figure out the best (and cheapest) way to store 17 years of paintings and drawings. Sorry to hear about the damage. I found some of my pieces with mold growing on them and from my oil painting days, black and whites are more black and yellows now.
Peter August 10, 2010
Made my day Chris! Scott let me know when you figure it out. thanks for checking in guys.
Jim Paillot August 10, 2010
Beautiful and inspired. Sorry you had those art casualties, Peter.
Peter August 10, 2010
Thanks Jim. I hear it happens to a lot of people. I can name a few off the top of my head. One of my teachers showed me his sketchbook form a while back. First thing i noticed was water damage. I looked at him. With a tinge of left over sorry he said, "flood".
Mike Moran August 11, 2010
Great drawings, sorry about the news.