posted: November 13, 2010

Take a look at what Charles Ritchie is doing. I think some of you will be interested and delighted.
It's unique and awesome. If you have some time, read a few of his journal entries. They're typed out under his "journal" tab. I love the one called "A Window on Philadelphia"

joseph daniel fiedler November 13, 2010
Charlie was a grad student when I taught [many years ago] at Carnegie Mellon University. He's a good guy and a good example of what CMU was then.
Peter Cusack November 13, 2010
Oh really Jo?! Very interesting.
Victor Juhasz November 14, 2010
Quite beautiful.
Barbara November 15, 2010
These are quietly beautiful. Thank you for the link.
Joseph Fiedler November 15, 2010
Yes. I remember one event involving Charlie and his studio mate dressing up like the Beatles and playing painted, cardboard guitars. Apparently it was a Mersey Beat revival ala Dave Edmunds, Ducks Deluxe, etc. Also, later, having a personal tour at the National Museum Print and Drawings dept. and holding David Hockney drawings.
peter November 15, 2010
Nice . . . Wait so how did you get a personal tour. Did Charlie have something to do with it?
Cathleen Toelke November 15, 2010
Wow, there are dozens (hundreds?) of these views. They're very beautiful, and it would be interesting to know how his neighbors feel about them. Thanks for posting, Peter.
Joseph Fiedler November 15, 2010
Yes, Charlie worked[s] at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Drawings and Prints. I went with colleagues from the University.