posted: November 24, 2010

Each year, sometime around my birthday, I do a self portrait. This is for 2010. Today is my birthday. The shirt that I’m wearing carries a great deal of significance. I grew up in NY, but many of the new comers to NYC are from the Midwest. Amazingly, it seems like most are from Michigan!? To what used to be hardened neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens, these “newcomers” bring a revived spirit of kindness, curiosity, business, and incognizance of what was, in many cases, a violent past. They bring with them a fresh start. I realize that I’m always shedding, healing and beginning again. I so embrace these new values. Wearing this shirt reminds me that I’m not my past, my story is always changing, and I’m getting closer to finding my way home.
Randy Jones November 24, 2010
Happy birthday Peter. It's a great idea to draw your Rembrandt. I recently went through some of my nostalgic tea shirts and they're in rags. I'll still keep them . Is Grunge still in?
John Dykes November 24, 2010
Nice one, Peter. ... and a cool idea. Happy Day to you, Sir.
peter November 24, 2010
Thanks John and Randy. Yes Rembrandt painted them very often, a wonderful sweet of paintings and self discovery.
David Zeggert November 26, 2010
well done and nicely written- best- Zeggs
Chris Spollen November 27, 2010
Very nice peter
cusack November 27, 2010
thanks chrish and Z
Donald Kilpatrick November 27, 2010
Happy late birthday my man. This is amazing as always. When i took a quick glance at this, i was about to be upset that you visited Michigan without seeing me!
Jim Paillot November 29, 2010
Hey Peter, happy birthday - a week later. This self portrait is really nice. As is your message.
Cathleen Toelke November 29, 2010
Beautiful self-portrait and photograph. Your thoughtful posts are a pleasure to read.
Victor Juhasz December 1, 2010
Happy Belated Birthday. I love the image you have posted here of a self-portrait within a self-portrait.
PEter December 2, 2010
Donzikins Cathleen Jim Victor thanks for your responses.