Hook Shot
posted: October 13, 2006
This painting was done for the MTA. I was selected to be apart of their poster program and in 2007 this image will be hanging throughout the New York transit system. I sent them the following poem as well, hoping that they would include it on the poster. We'll see. For me, the underlying theme of the image was hope, stemming from the relationship and bond between the two figures; two men, one older and one younger, maybe a father and a son. Hook Shot In the warmth of the golden sun two New Yorkers, a father, someones son, play one-on-one. And overhead, the elevated train rattles by. Their ball suspended in a moment between hope and swish.
I gave them six ideas to choose from. The concept was to show the elevated train and the type of neighborhood activity happens everyday beneath it.
Lastly the color study.
The final poster design. Notice on the bottom, The MTA was kind enough to print my poem as well.
Donald Kilpatrick October 13, 2006
Just as beautiful as when i saw it in New York! Beautiful piece. Your color studies for this are amazing as well.
Nancy Stahl October 13, 2006
Ni-i-i-i-i-c-c-c-c-e-e-e-e, Peter..!! This isn't for the skinny space behind the sign that tells you which train you're riding on. (Like the one Dave Calver did of the NYC icon jewelery on an extended hand.) Is it a regular ad, like where the maps are inside the trains? Great job..! Show your color studies..! Please?
Robert Saunders October 13, 2006
Peter, hey nice job. I'd like to see the color sketches too!
Peter Cusack October 13, 2006
Thanks peeps Just added the sketches and colorstudy Thanks for stopping by cuse
Nancy Stahl October 13, 2006
If I had been the art cirector on this, I would have said, "Print it..!!" after seeing that color sketch. It's beautiful.