Heavy Weights
posted: November 3, 2006
I've been playing around with a wrestler character in my sketch book. I'm fascinated by his brawny character and strength and have enjoyed drawing him into different poses; either repose or torturing someone in a full nelson. Rarely do I experiment like this. Usually my sketch book is for observational studies of people and portraits. But to tell you the truth, I'm sick of it! Over it! This simpleton has been a joy to spend time with. Yesterday, I did this painting of him locked with his opponent.
Rob Dunlavey November 3, 2006
Peter, I don't know if I'd want to meet this guy in a dark alley! Or you for that matter because you win hands down. I love the milky light in the color sketch.
Robert Saunders November 3, 2006
Peter, I didn't understand—you saying you did or did not observe reference for this character? Sounded like you are envisioning him out of your head. The drawings look like great fun...that's the idea, right?
Peter Cusack November 3, 2006
Oh sorry Robert. Yes he is envisioned out of my head. The "spending time with this character" part is me just adding a little poetic flourish. You got him on the head. Rob he's kinda like a Luca Bratzzi! (i don't know how to spell that name)
Donald Kilpatrick November 3, 2006
Peter, you're a sick little man. Love this!!!!!!!
Donald Kilpatrick November 3, 2006
Is his name "Zopo"? Cool name for a character. Love it!
Peter Hermann November 3, 2006
It's awe-inspiring that you can "pull" an image like that from your mind. incredible. a poetic dance between sweaty men. are we gonna see more paintings of this wrestler character? I hope so. how large is this piece?
Leo Espinosa November 3, 2006
Yes! I was wating for this moment! Enough studies señor Cusack! time to put some movement here! Lights! Action! Wrestling! Killer painting! Love it!
Nancy Stahl November 3, 2006
I agree..! You really have something here, Peter. Love this and the fact that you are doing them from your imagination, fertile ground there. Working title for the upper right of the first sketchbook page: "Zopo discovers the toilet roll is empty". The head lock lower left just cries out to be sculpted.
Peter Cusack November 3, 2006
Thanks people. And Zopo thanks you too. He's trapped in the bathroom do to the fact that there's no toilet paper. Peter H This painting is about 8x14. It was done on a piece of scrap illustration board so Im not sure exactly. I think I will continue working on this character and see where it goes. But you forgot to ad "half naked" to the "sweaty men" thing. Lets get it out into the open. Leo and Nancy thanks for the enthusiasm. It does feel like fertile ground. And Don. Thanks for posing!!!! Do you want those red shorts??
Peter Hermann November 4, 2006
What ever rocks your boat man. I just love the painting. I would have to say it's my favourite wrestler pic since Fracis Bacon's renditions of men on a mat. By the way, the blue collar painting in your portfoilo, has that same intense and raw energy that the wrestler painting has. Love those bold and slashing brush strokes.