Tuesday Drawing at The Society
posted: March 22, 2006
Open bar, Live hot Jazz, and Burlesque Girls. That's right. The Society of Illustrators. I am a regular of The SI sketch night. It's the hightlight of my week, a mingling of the most enjoyable vices. Unfortunately I quit smoking. Here is a composition from last night.
Nancy Stahl March 22, 2006
Hey, Peter...! Great to have you here and to see your work..! Let me know when the Society has some male models and I'll join you..! Ha..! I went to The Art Students League once and loved it there. Better light. Art school atmosphere. If you ever want to join me, let me know.
Robert Zimmerman March 22, 2006
The drawing you uploaded just got a wee bit smaller. For reasons unknown your file did not rasterize correctly on upload. I have a little gizmo here on the server that actually grabs the files, resizes them on the fly and then drops them in your site. I have no clue why, but it didn't work on that file. Any hoo, I re-uploaded it for you and it sized correctly. I'm stepping on the size (width) of these so the layouts don't get all blown out of whack. Okay, I'll shut up about this now. Welcome to the Drawger thing, Peter! As you can see there are still a few bugs crawling around here and I am chasing them down.
Leo Espinosa April 1, 2006
Hi Peter: I wanted to ask you about the painting of the guy sleeping in the train (I could not leave a comment at that gallery). How did you do it? Did you sketch out the guy in color very fast and finished it at home? Did you snap a digital shot and worked from that? I'm just curious, because there's something about that timing that makes that painting even more amazing to me.
Peter Cusack April 1, 2006
Hi Leo!!!! Yes I did snap a digital shot of him. I try to bring the camera with me where ever I go. I was leaving the train when I saw him, and I walked up close, zoomed a bit and snapped it. He wasn't disturbed but I got the feeling that the others on the train where like "what the hell?". Have you ever seen Walker Evens photographs of people on the train in the fortys. He hid his camera and had a wire down his sleeve to his hand to snap the photos. Thanks for the commenting!!!!