Portrait Study
posted: December 3, 2006
This man has been a model at the Art Students League since 1984. There must be a million paintings of him floating around out there. I painted his portrait yesterday in the members life class at the ASL. I periodically stop-in on that class and join the regular crew that have been meeting there every Saturday for I don't know how many years. Max Ginsburg was there as well. I got a chance to talk to him during the long break about his career in illustration and the paintings he's doing now. He's very nice, and like most artist I meet, very generous. You know, I forgot to ask the model's name.
J.D. King December 3, 2006
Nice portrait! BTW, I think that mystery model is world reknowned vegan, Rob Saunders. Or is it, world reknowned heathen? I get confused.
Zina Saunders December 3, 2006
Lovely painting, Peter! Wouldn't it be a fun if the Art Students League had a show of paintings featuring this model over the years?
Christian Slade December 3, 2006
I think that's Tony Ryder. Or is it Jacob Collins?... Seriously though, there are models you draw over and over again. If the model is good, I don't care how many times I draw them, but if they're a dud, well you know, I'd dump em.
Peter Cusack December 3, 2006
Thanks for stopping in Zina, KING, and Christian. Zina I love that idea. The artist model needs to be commemorated some how. Like a national artists model day. What we do with out them. A day we give thanks to those nude and steady people. Im going to write my congressman.
J.D. King December 4, 2006
I second and triple the idea of a show by HUNDREDS of artists that's only portraits of this fellow! A HUGE room full of them, floor to ceiling!