posted: January 8, 2007
Here's a recent sketch book page. It will probably be hard for you to make out what it actually is. There are two scenes happening here. Up front and to the left is a farmer on his tractor looking over his shoulder, which is a pose that I love. And the other is sort of a long-shot of that farmer pulling and kind of lifting the arm of his cart, out in his corn field. His big tractor is behind him, stopped in the middle of a half cut corn field. So that's the explanation. I wonder if you can make it out. There is something in the characters that makes me really like this sketched montage.
Christian Slade January 8, 2007
Looks good Peter! That figure in the top right... look at how he's leaning, that diagnal line of action, really gives life to the pose. Much more interesting than a figure standing staight up and down. Really tells a story. Why is he doing that?, is he looking at a dead crow on the ground, resting his arthritic hip? contemplating the universe? or just stopping for a pleasant fart? I know you enjoy sculpting the form at figure drawing classes, something you do very nicley, inspiring! But you know the things I drool for in a drawing,... character, mood, emotion, gesture. Something special in that little corner up there.......
Peter Cusack January 8, 2007
Slaaaade. Thats what I love about your sketch book; all that movement and energy. In my mind its a pleasent fart. I know that lean well. Thanks for looking so closely. You hit it on the head. That's one of the things I'm enjoying about the drawing and something I've been looking for a natural way to put into my work. BRA! . . . thanks for stopping in. Happy New Year. By the way, tri-state news, today: There's a funny smell leaking out from somewhere in NYC and New Jersey. F@#%ing Jersey!
Scott Bakal January 9, 2007
Cus'! I always loved your drawings...good stuff here, man!