From My Subway Sketchbook
posted: April 4, 2006
You know, sometimes I feel like all I do is ride this damn train. Someone recently asked my what have I been up to. My answer was, "I've been riding the subway a lot." Back and forth, up and down, transfer here, get on there, skip stops, weekend delays. OYVAY!!!!! This young man was craddled contently in the bosom of his woman. Nice.
Elwood H. Smith April 5, 2006
Lordy, Peter, you're one of those artists who remind me that I should have slept a LOT less in life drawing class when, so very long ago, I attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Hell, I doze off when I'm drawing my silly characters, so I guess it makes sense that I would fall asleep trying to draw things from real life. Those images at the top of your homepage are absolutely DELICIOUS! I want to grab a spoon and scoop away at them, gobbling up your beautiful work, hoping my gluttony will fill me with the talent to paint like that. But it won't, so I don't. Good thing, too, since I'd probably smash up my new Apple flat panel display. I mean, none of this is real. Zeros and Ones. It's all Zeros & Ones. It's so good to be here among the best of the best. -Elwood
Peter Cusack April 6, 2006
ELWOOD!!! You made my day. Don't the monkeys help you stay awake!??