Detroit Rock City!!!
posted: April 12, 2007
Detroit Rock City!!! Last week, I flew out to Detroit to do a demo for Don Kís class at the College of Creative Studies. I spent a few days with Don in his new place. I donít think there were many moments that Don and I werenít laughing. But if we werenít laughing, we were kvetching about our deep personal problems and fears. As of now, his house is almost completely empty. Kate and the kids are still back in California and itís obvious that Don isnít going to move in until they arrive. There isnít a plate, nor a cup and saucer in the joint, there are few opportunities to sit down on a cushioned piece of furniture, and his room is a holy mess. Its a manís place right now and Don and I let it all hang out. I had a blast and felt like I was thirteen again. Thanks Donno. As for the Demo . . . it went really well. The department provided a wonderful young woman named Alyssa as a model, the studio was packed with what seemed like the whole department and painting felt pretty easy that day. I must say, as well, that the students at CCS are very nice people and the few professors I met were gracious, dedicated and I must say . . . talented!!!! Thanks for everything Don, Dave, Gil, Pat, and Eric.
J.D. King April 12, 2007
All very well, nice painting, but did you see The Stooges, The Bob Seger System, The Amboy Dukes, The MC5 while in "Detroit Rock City"?
Nancy Stahl April 12, 2007
Wow...! really nice painting, Peter and under the pressure of demo-ing in front of so many students... you are a man with nerves of steel and a masterful grip on a loaded paintbrush..!
Zina Saunders April 12, 2007
So much volume expressed in such an economy of strokes; really strong. And I love the lavendar shadow cast by her nose.
Peter Cusack April 12, 2007
JD Detroit Rock city is from that KISS record. No music this time but next time I go I will get your advice. A little lavenda shadow for Miss Zina. Doin it her way! Nerves of steel and a loaded brush . . . sounds heroic. I like that!
Arkady Roytman April 13, 2007
Cusack!!!!! (shakes fist) So what ever happened to staring a figure painting session at the SoI? oh yeah, nice painting by the way :P
Scott Bakal April 13, 2007
Neato, man!
Peter Cusack April 13, 2007
Arkady! Well . . . the painting session at ths Society is still in the idea phase. Its been this way for sometime. I would still love to do it though. It's a great surprise to see you comment on this site. It's legit now! Congrats again on Spectrum!
Donald Kilpatrick April 17, 2007
It was so nice to have you out here, I really appreciated having your company. I also greatly apprecaite you taking the time to demo your process. The students are still talking about it.
Donald Kilpatrick April 17, 2007
Oh, JD, we did indeed hang with the MC5!!! It's the Dirtbombs nowadays, baby!!
Dave Chow June 1, 2007
Next time you swing by the D, we're not gonna feed you so well so I can keep you awake while I give you the nickel dime tour of the place. There's PLENTY of stuff around these parts to check out and to be inspired by.