posted: April 23, 2007
I was invited to participate in a group show, simply entitled "The Still Life." It will be opening in May at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. These are the three paintings that I'm submitting to the show. It was a very personal and challenging process. Like most of my work and without really knowing it, these paintings are based on people I know and love, and have a great deal of emotion surrounding their creation. I wish it weren't the case. It can be a very heavy process and my emotions swing in all directions. They're being framed now and overall it has been a thrilling experience. The second painting (the garden lantern, relief and watering can) is the largest still life I've ever painted. In addition, I had never "painted for a show" before. I had always submitted work that I had laying around. For me, It had a totally different feel. But I approached it like an illustration deadline which helped a great deal.
Rob Dunlavey April 23, 2007
Hey Peter, Your still life paintings flirt with narrative but then they slide away from that enterprise. I think I like the concise boot painting the best. The garden lantern image is the most challenging artistically. The hat-sketchbook-lily painting seems a bit predictable --nice piece but not as mysterious or emotional as the other two. Painting for a show (like an illustration commission) is a great way to proceed. Thanks for showing recent work!
Peter Cuasck April 23, 2007
Thanks for your comments RD. Well put and very helpful.
Zina Saunders April 23, 2007
Wow. Beautiful work, Peter. I love the meatiness of your brushstrokes. You convey a terrific sense of volume in these. They also seem even more bold and self-assured than ever. I love them all, the lantern and watering can being my favorite, with the asbstraction of the painting in the center and shadow play on the fabric.
Dale Stephanos April 23, 2007
What Zina said. I love that sense of volume you achieve. Nice palette as well. Beautiful work!
Gary Leib April 23, 2007
Great stuff Peter! The boot painting evokes some narrative, specific yet mysterious. Execution is amazing, economic luscious. Good stuff nice meeting you over a Bucket of Blood at Kroniger's.
peter cusack April 23, 2007
Thanks for stopping by and commenting Zina, Dale, and Gary. Drawger makes things feel real!
Cathleen Toelke April 23, 2007
Hi Peter, You have such enviable drawing and painting skills. You, and artists like Dan Adele, Tim Bower, John Collier, make it look effortless. I like the small areas of color in these, in the otherwise brownish palette. BTW, I love that little guy up in the corner there.
Nancy Stahl April 23, 2007
So solid. I really love the boots and that ring thing to make me wonder what it all means. You poster IS in my subway stop. I stood in front of it for fifteen minutes the other day ready to tell anyone who would listen that I know the guy who painted and wrote it..!
Scott Anderson April 23, 2007
They look great, Peter! Looking forward to seeing them in person at the show.
Larry Ross April 23, 2007
Okay, I'm going to break with the flow. I like all three of them, and you always wow me with your talent, but I prefer the hat one. It reminds me of detectives and Panama and love lost. It makes me wonder what the diary has to say and that beautiful flower suggests a beautiful woman was on the writer's mind.
Peter Cusack April 23, 2007
Cathleen thanks. I admire, so much, each of those artist and am thrilled to be mentioned in the same sentence. That little fella is Hugo a dog in my hood. He doesn't wear a fez though. Nancy. Thanks for being so excited for me. Your salt of the earth. You know I go through the same thing each time I see anything of yours out there, which was just yesterday and awesome. Scottso on the late show!!! Thanks for having me. Larry! Your absolutely right. That's the kind of narrative that I think of as well. An E. Hemingway thing kept popping up for me as well. Thanks Larry for breaking from the pack.
Donald Kilpatrick April 23, 2007
Beautiful. As usual! It is nice to see the still life finished, and it was nice to see it as a work in progress a couple of weeks ago. Are you going out to Cali for the opening?
Mark Fisher April 24, 2007
Peter, Those boots were made for working! I can feel their use and comfort. The fabric in the garden painting and the colors are so nice. Hope they all sell.
Peter cusack April 24, 2007
Donzo and Mark. Power of positive thinking. I hope they sell too. Thanks. I don't think I will go out for the opening.
Roberto Parada April 24, 2007
Peter, good luck with exibition in California. They are beautiful pieces -- I especially the still life with the lamp and fabric.
Christoph Hitz April 25, 2007
Peter, These are top notch, keep it coming.
Rusty Zimmerman November 10, 2007
killer boots, pete. best of luck with the sale. pictures of peoples' shoes have had a hold on me since van gogh did his boots. I've got one of my favorite pair of shoes that i've been stuck on for months afraid to touch it, but i found the solution-- I'll paint ten of them. I'll let you know how it goes. best, --rz
PEter November 12, 2007
Hey RZ Shoes are great to paint because they take on the anatomy of the foot. They end up looking so human. I love VanGogh's shoes as well. The Fogg Art Museum at Harvard has one of those paintings. Please keep my posted on the painting. Wow Ten ha? Alright that's going to be my next painting too. Great idea!!! Have to pick the right shoes! Thanks for the comment. Peter