posted: June 13, 2007
This is a sketch related to a piece I'm working on.
and two others playing with the concept.
Mark Fisher June 14, 2007
Peter, Like the sketch, tell us more.
Nancy Stahl June 14, 2007
Very nice sketch, Peter. Looks like a gritty subject.
Christian Slade June 14, 2007
Nice Drawing Pete! You know if you toy with your soldier, you can go blind:p
Peter Cusack June 14, 2007
Slade how did I know you'd go there. Very funny. But I guess in someways its so true.
Donald Kilpatrick June 14, 2007
Love these! I especially enjoy the second sketch, but they are all great. I always have been a fan of your line. Leave it to Slade....he busy breathing in an empty dorrito bag somewhere...
Zina Saunders June 14, 2007
Powerful stuff, Peter.
Larry Ross June 14, 2007
I love your loose line work and the overlapping images!
Peter Cusack June 14, 2007
Don Zina and Larry. Thanks for stopping by and giving a look see.