posted: June 22, 2007
This painting is about a campus in turmoil after the Virginia Tech shooting. I chose to focus on a the baseball team to address the deflated school spirit. By introducing stormy skies and having the foreground figure clasping and wringing a baseball I was hoping to create a feeling of a tension and churning emotions.
Cathleen Toelke June 22, 2007
You're a good choice to do a sensitive piece, Peter.
daveB June 22, 2007
nice job love the softness and the cezannesque blocks of color see you real soon
laura tallardy June 22, 2007
very sensitive and sympathetic- you have such a way of feeling for your subjects. the clouds and figures are great. very foreboding.
Christian Slade June 22, 2007
Beautiful painting Peter. Very emotive. I echo the earlier comment about the appropriateness of this project being assigned to you. Soild stuff.
Zina Saunders June 22, 2007
Beautiful job, Peter. I love the abstract quality and angularity you've injected with the way you handled the lights and darks.
Peter Cusack June 22, 2007
Thanks guys for stopping in and leaving a comment. I'm actually going out now to see a baseball game with some of our fellow drawger bloggers. Just talked to Don Kills and he reminded me to bring a glove incase there are any fly balls. Oh I hope one comes my way. That would be a first.
Scott Bakal June 23, 2007
Hey Buddy! Great job, my man!
Dale Stephanos June 24, 2007
Beautiful Peter!
Peter Cusack June 25, 2007
Dale and Scott, thanks for leaving a comment. Big Ups!—to the both of you.
Tim O'Brien June 25, 2007
Been trying to catch up on articles I missed. I love you cubist shapes in your work. Great piece.
Secret admirer June 26, 2007
I like the idea, and the work is well executed, but I am not sure it conveys the idea of anxiety and burden of saness that you intended. I think the problem may be in the central figure. If I cover him and just have the background player and the clouds, I get a much stronger sense of emotion. Maybe the central figure needs to be more in shadow? It's just that his looking straight at the viewer dispels some of the emotional heaviness evoked successfully by the other elements.
Peter Cusack June 27, 2007
Thanks for coming by SA. I like the central figure because he's confronting the viewer, maybe somewhat implicating the viewer. He's also strong and has courage. OH and SA, don't stay secret too long.