posted: July 31, 2007
These two drawings are class demos. But more than that, they're of my friend and model Janine. She's an artist, a painter, a graduate of FIT, and actually had three paintings in the Student SI show when she graduated. Although they're not represented here, much of her body is tattooed. A portrait of Elvis, which she created. is on her hip.
Mike Santos July 31, 2007
What's the purpose of this? I'm trying to learn about illustration and some figure drawings of a chick with tats ain't teaching me squat! No offense but tell me stories of the biz and your experiences as a professional. Sorry, just sick of you guys posting lame figure studies as a means of getting attention. Word to your mother, Santos.
Zina Saunders July 31, 2007
Lovely, expressive sketches, Peter. Thanks for sharing them. I like the way you handled the shadow being cast across her chest by her arm in the top one. You captured the nice transparent quality of shadows.
Cusack July 31, 2007
Mike your an impotent tool.
Roberto Parada July 31, 2007
Peter, beautiful drawings, especially the one of the model Janine. It's captures the moment really well. I love the expressive way you've caught her hair and her hand in front of her face. Well done
Mark Fisher August 1, 2007
Peter, your sketches are always a pleasure.
Rob Dunlavey August 1, 2007
Hey Mike Santos: Take a step back and observe that Peter (a published and respected artist and illustrator): 1. is always observing and drawing (two essential artistic skills that are life-long and hard-won) and 2. he teaches art which provides inspiration to him, passes his love of illustration and art to others, evens out his financial ups and downs and maybe gives him affordable health care. That's a big part of this business. Not glamorous but real. So keep reading and mining Drawger for glimmers of how real working artists do it. If you want self-help articles or to have everything spelled out, read HOW Magazine. There's a huge successful industry ready to take advantage of you and is more than happy to show you a way into this business but this advice is free: believe in yourself, work hard, make mistakes and be ready to do it all over again. If you want specific information, directly contact artists you respect and see if they'll give you specific advice that might help you out. They might do it because most of us were once clueless and might empathize with your plight. Of course, some (like me) are still clueless!
Cusack August 1, 2007
Rob—very classy response. Mine not so classy. Thanks for your comments everyone. Drawing my friends is an extra joy for me and sharing it with you guys makes it even better. CHOW!
Nancy Stahl August 1, 2007
Beautiful sketches, Peter. The top one holds the moment in a magical way and inspires me. To not see the beauty in these drawings and the sharing of them would be to live an unbearably banal life.
Mike Santos August 1, 2007
Hey Rob Dunleavy: Thanks for the advice. Coming from you, the Julia Child of illustration (take a bit of this person's style, mix with that person's style), it falls on deaf ears. My profs never said to go for that kind of thing so you can take your dimestore opinion and sell it on eBay. Snap! Mr. Cusack: Love your stuff, you're an inspiration to me. I just felt the figure drawings were lame to post. Teach me something! Tell me about your life as an illustrator. That's what I want. Respect to all, Santos
Robert Hunt August 1, 2007
"The brush stroke at the moment of contact carries inevitably the exact state of being of the artist at that exact moment into the work, and there it is, to be seen and read by those who can read such signs" -Robert Henri, The Art Spirit
Mike Santos August 1, 2007
Hey Robert Hunt: Great quote! What you say makes sense and I will think about it. I still think Dunleavy is a hack. Zing! Just kidding, respect to all - Santos
Tim O'Brien August 1, 2007
Hey Mike, not cool to come onto his site and trash him THEN turn your venom onto Rob Dunlavey. Both of these guys are thoughtful and terrific illustrators. I thought Rob wrote you a very measured response, to which, you replied by calling him a name. I have a spot here on Drawger and I sometimes offer assignments, sometimes sketches, sometimes nonsense. I offer it NEVER expecting to be attacked for it. Most say nothing when they have nothing to add. Finally Mike, I can't imagine spending any time at the beginning of my career going after working illustrators in public. This is a small community really. Everyone knows everyone and that kind of stuff does not go over well. To do this top illustrators who are actually working, paying their mortgages and thriving as illustrators is extremely short sighted.
laura tallardy August 1, 2007
santos: uncool. i'm curious if you're serious... last time i checked bashing a bunch of professional illustrators on a public forum wasn't the best way to get them to divulge the secrets of the biz. from one beginning illustrator to another, you need to learn some respect, bucky. peter and rob are fabulous illustrators and doesn't need the likes of you coming around and being a cheeky little ass. snizzy. peter, awesome as always. love the weight of the figures- they really sit in space very well. the contemplation on the first gal is great, i love the necklaces hanging down- very leyendecker ;)
Darren Knight August 1, 2007
im an illustration newbie and while i think santos tude needs work hes right about these drawings. my best drawing prof always said cutting off hands & feet are the sign of the amature. its a bitter pill to swallow but these sketches dont cut it. Hey but he nailed that butt crack. :) out DK
Mike Santos August 1, 2007 your elders and never question them or their motives? Maybe I should have that attitude when my old man smacked me and my my mom around. But whatevs. Santos is done, I'm out like a light. Respect, S.
Robert Hunt August 1, 2007
By that definition, Kollwitz, Rembrandt, Scheile, Michaelangelo, Ingres, Degas, Sargent, Courbet etc. are all amatuers.
Rob Dunlavey August 1, 2007
Don't forget Joseph Beuys and Honoré Daumier: losers!
Peter Cusack August 1, 2007
OY VAY!! Kids . . . Robert, Tim, Laura, Nancy, Bobby Dunns. Thanks for stepping in here and leaving some great comments and quotes. I hope Mike and Darren listened to the wisdom you all offered. Maybe they learned something about "the biz" after all. But worst of all some idiot drawing teacher told this poor kid that he's an amateur if he ends up "cutting off hands and feet". That's the real crime here. Stupid comments like that only linger and create self doubt. How do these people become professors. Robert H.—The Henri quote is awesome! Thanks for placing it here. It fits with the direction I'd like to take my work. I recently saw a show of both he and William M. Chase in Greenwich Conn. The students of Henri really lucked out by working with him. He filled his students with purpose as well as freed them to paint with power and to be "sketch hunters". Ahhh it's just great inspiration. I think about the painters of that time very often. George Bellows is another . . . also linked to Henri. Another day at Drawger Respect to all Im out Cusack
Edel Rodriguez August 1, 2007
I love that Mike Santos is complaining that he's not getting his money's worth when he ain't paying squat for all this content we put up here! Wait, just checked my Drawger manual, we're not required to teach anybody anything about the biz! We can just put up pictures of our kittens every day if we feel like it. Tallardy has a lot of kittens, let's see them! Anyways, looking forward to meeting Santos some day, maybe at my office, that would be cool. Snap! Zing! Talk to the hand! Much respect. Word to your mother. I'm walkin' here! We out. Plastics.
Peter Cusack August 1, 2007
randy August 2, 2007
Edel took the words out of my mouth.....what are we an illustration school now??? Lovely sketches my friend....ONWARD!
Carolyn Reed Barritt August 7, 2007
I know I'm coming in late to this conversation, but I couldn't let it pass. I'm a beginning illustrator and have found Drawger and all the illustrators on it to be an amazing source of inspiration and information. I've been able to watch other illustrators' minds at work by seeing sketches and the corresponding finished work posted online; I've discovered artists and illustrators I've never heard of before from people posting information about them; I've found books and references to read from various posts; I've found links to information about the business of freelance illustration; I've been inspired by the work I get to see--both published and unpublished; and I have been able to see past the work and into peoples' everyday lives and interests---into how the world outside the work inspires and influences the art. As a beginning illustrator nearly ready to start advertising my work, I am thrilled Drawger exists and that so many people I admire have created such a rich community. Thanks.
Cusack August 8, 2007
Carolyn, Thanks for adding to the convo and drawger. Your comment is a great way to wrap this entry up. Good luck with the advertising. We'll keep our eyes out for Barritt!
Mark Tramello September 3, 2007
I love these figure studies, specially the top one. You captured her so well. The center of gravity, the shadows, the pose--all contribute to such a realistic feeling. Thanks.