posted: July 31, 2007
This is my contribution to David Leonard's calendar.
Leo Espinosa July 31, 2007
Ah! nothing like a beautiful painting with a solid drawing underneath. You hit the spot once again, Pedro.
Zina Saunders July 31, 2007
bold and verging-on-abstract brushwork in this portrait, which plays off the bold color beautifully. Embarrassed at my probably painful ignorance, I ask: what's the David Leonard calendar?
Roberto Parada July 31, 2007
Right on!!!
Mark Fisher August 1, 2007
Peter, very saxy!
Rob Dunlavey August 1, 2007
That Bird is about to get a mouth full of feathers! Nice solid contribution Peter!
Cusack August 1, 2007
Hey guys thanks for coming by and commenting. Hope you all having a great summer!
Donald Kilpatrick August 1, 2007
Great piece, Chief. I am unpacked and i need to give you a call.
Tim O'Brien August 1, 2007
I saw this thumbnail on Drawger yesterday, but up close this thing is really impressive. I SEE portraits like this when I do them, but have trouble LEAVING the brushstrokes, or even making them! Cool.
Dale Stephanos August 2, 2007
Beautiful as always Peter. I'm out of the loop I guess, should I know about Dave Leonard's calendar?
Cusack August 2, 2007
Tim thanks man! I've been working on this brushstrokes idea. Kinda wrestling with it. I think you hit the whole think on the nose by emphasizing SEEING and LEAVING. The landscape painting kinda lends a hand with the whole thing too. Dale. Thanks for coming by. Dave Leonard has an advertising agency in PA. He's been doing a promo calendar for this particular printer and ask illustrators to do the work pro bono. Its been cool being a part of it for the last three years. If you interested, email me an I will send you his info. Nice guy too. Illustrator himself as well as a brand new dad.