Raven Demo
posted: September 26, 2007
I demo pretty often in the classes I teach. Its the best way to directly communicate the process of painting, theories about light, and maybe most important, problem solving. Students love to see their teacher sweat. This demo was done with your basic classroom crayon. I'm really enjoying working with it because of the lack of drying time and easy layering. The Raven is something I brought in from my own small sculpture collection. It's a replica of a piece in the MET. I've had my eye on it for years and Nicole got it for me as a gift. He shares a table in my living room with few house plants. I love the way he looks next to the leaves and pots . . . another idea for a still life.
Leo Espinosa September 26, 2007
Pedrito, what I really like about this piece (and about your paintings in general) is that almost invisible wire frame that shows through; It is a sculptural home for a very solid drawing that's always present and that is not by any means rigid but rather fluid and very poetic.
Nancy Stahl September 26, 2007
Lucky students..!
Peter Cusack September 27, 2007
Hi Nance and Leo. Thanks for the comments. I think the poetry is carried by that regal little Raven. I bet Poe would agree. Had to mention him here.
Tim O\'Brien September 27, 2007
What a cool demo! I wish you taped it.
Zina Saunders September 27, 2007
Lovely drawing, Peter. I think Leo makes such a good point when he talks about the armature in your work. I agree with him.
Cusack September 27, 2007
I really would like to tape my demos and process one day. I'll have to tap into the student mass for someone who could guide me through it. Thanks Tim and Zina for leaving a comment. Wires?? I said it was crayon. I don't draw with no freakin wires:)
Christian Slade September 27, 2007
Crayons. I love using these for figure drawings. Real slick! Even the smallest of art supplies can make a great drawing. (Har! Har!) Rock on Peter!!
cuse September 27, 2007
Rock on yourself you hoodlum!
Donald Kilpatrick September 28, 2007
A beaut of a demo, Cuse. I love the new header as well. Gotta get you out here again to do another demo!
Donzo! September 28, 2007
You noticed. Thanks Demos R' US
Anonymous October 5, 2007
This drawing is absolutely beautiful. It is not only regal but protrays the depth and emotion of the artist. The pot is just as regal but not competing,but stands solid and firm; probably like the artist!
Kristi March 23, 2008
Did Nicole steal the raven like she stole the stuffed rabbit off our coworker's desk?