posted: May 9, 2006
This drawing depicts the character Francis Phalen. Or at least my Francis Phalen. I am finding him to be a mix between myself, my father and my wife's' race car-driving uncle Hank, who I am discovering is a great model. One evening last week we drove upstate, racing the setting sun, to get a few pictures of Hank in a late 20's costume I culled together from different sources. The costume was entirely to big for him but he looked great! We took a bunch of photos, sat down to a great dinner, and rambled on into the evening. It feels great to bring the people whom I love into my work. Thanks Hank And Fil! PS There are some photo-shoot pics in the photo gallery!
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Donald Kilpatrick May 9, 2006
Just amazing. I can't wait to see the finished piece.