posted: October 25, 2007
"This subways out of service!" We all flowed out on to the platform to wait for another train. I wandered through the crowd looking for something to hold my interest. I leaned on the staircase and sketched this trio a few times before we started talking about martial arts. Before I knew it the new train arrived and we all piled in agian
Anonymous October 25, 2007
Wonderful lively painting and story.
Leo Espinosa October 25, 2007
Fresh stuff! love it, Pedro... and I meant to comment on those boxers before too, those brush strokes are suuuuuper!
laura t. October 25, 2007
looks great peter!! i love the cropping of the guys and the dog. nice colors and brushwork- you rule 8)
Peter Cusack October 26, 2007
Thanks for coming by guys!