posted: November 27, 2007
AHHHH! This painting kills me!...
A friend of mine David Zeggart sent me this great reproduction on a George Bellows painting. It at the Spanierman Gallery in NYC. I think the gallery is on 58th between Park and Mad. But if your in the area and want to visit it. Check google maps, don't go by me. Enjoy!
Donald Kilpatrick November 27, 2007
Nice. It reminds me a lot of the exhibit you took me to in Connecticut. One more reason to get back to painting tonight.
Charlie November 27, 2007
what pretty eyes.
Dale Stephanos November 27, 2007
Peter, thanks for the reminder. Bellows has always been one of my favorites. Pefect timing with your banner up there.
Marc November 27, 2007
What a beauty. The looseness of the painting, combined with that fleck of detail in the eye—perfect.
Peter Hermann November 28, 2007
I hope you take this as a compliment. I actually thought it was one of your paintings.
Mark Fisher November 28, 2007
George is obviously a student of yours Peter.
David Flaherty November 28, 2007
I recall his paintings when I worked at the Columbus Museum of Art. Nice loose brush style.
Peter Cusack November 29, 2007
Im glad you guys came by and enjoyed the painting. Its a knock out
Peter Cusack November 30, 2007
John Thanks so much. I think I'll go tonight! Good lookin out!
David Zeggert November 30, 2007
Pete- great idea- posting the Bellow s painting-it doesn t get much better than this!!!!!!- best-D