posted: January 22, 2008
This is a painting I did for myself. I was inspired to depict the war after the recent show, Artists Against The War, at the Society. I don't think Im making a statement either way, but i thought much of the subject matter/imagery in the show was really powerful.
Leo Espinosa January 22, 2008
He does it. Once again!
Christian Slade January 23, 2008
Big P! Great painting dude. Always nice to see self-generated work from such a talented maniac as yourself! Situation looks pretty sketchy there. How about that guy in the background. Looks like he might be up to something. Hope to see you again at some point. Who's knows when I'll be up there again. It's quite busy and we are now quite the caravan these days! -Slade
Jim Paillot January 23, 2008
As always, love the color and paint movement. That guy in the background is up to something for sure. The completely covered women next to him give me the heebies.
Peter Cusack January 23, 2008
There is something going on with that dude. What's he got in that bag. He's kinda swing forward so think he's getting a little momentum up to drop kick the tank commander. The woman next to him is leaning saying . . . wait until he turns away . . . NOW! I approached this painting like i would painting outside. the only dif is that i didn't stand and paint it. I got into articulating the cloths in and open way . . . leaving some information out and keeping only what interested me. If i were to go back into it, which im not, i would have pointed the toes of the central figure's boots up a bit . . . just a hint of an upward movement i think would have adds to the overall gesture. Anywho . . . thanks for coming by guys and leaving a comment. It's great to share and get a response.