New Yorker Studies
posted: February 16, 2008
loved the structure in this guys head...
A few more sketches for my Subway Book gallery . . . mostly portrait studies. The sketch of the girl with her school bag has a little sketch of a studio in Giverny, it think Monet's. It has a bank of north lit windows and the roof is frosted glass. Note to self. Build that studio one day.
Randy Jones February 16, 2008
Are you riding the same New York City subway I am? Your lines are so smooth and delicate.
Peter Cusack February 16, 2008
Randy lol . . . i think I'm used to it . . . and the pens don't have an easy flow which makes it more of a delicate touch . . . like silver point. Now there is a medium that almost noone is using. What trains are you on. Im on the 1 line. I'd actually like sometime to sketch somewhere else . . . like street scenes. Its just too easy to do it on the subway.
Stephen Kroninger February 16, 2008
Great stuff, Peter. Meet you at Grand Central Station next week?
Nancy Stahl February 16, 2008
You know I love your subway drawings. And this last one with the hooded figures has some movement which is so unexpected with your sculptural look.
Randy Jones February 17, 2008
Peter: I mainly ride the # 6, N, and the R train. However, the #7 train is my favourite. It's a self contained elevated train that has an amazing cast of faces. We should meet Kroninger at Grand Central and take a drawing field trip.
Peter Cusack February 17, 2008
Randy, Stephan. What's happening at Grand Central. I will look through drawger to see if there is a post about it or get in touch with SK directly. Sounds interesting. Peter
Zina Saunders February 17, 2008
Great subway sketches. I haven't sketched on the subway since I was in high school; these drawings are inspiring me to give it a shot again.
Leo Espinosa February 17, 2008
Super! And nice piece in the IllO8 directory (from 3x3 magazine)
Randy Jones February 17, 2008
I was just responding to Stephen Kroninger's comment about meeting you in Grand Central for a subway drawing field trip. There are no plans afoot , but, it's not a bad idea. It could be a little scary. Some people we would love to draw, don't want to be drawn.
Donald Kilpatrick February 17, 2008
Amazing. I especially love the last drawing. It will be good to hang out again next week.
Mark Fisher February 19, 2008
Peter, The chisled look planes of your sketches give them so much power and movement.
Scott Bakal February 19, 2008
Exceeeelent! You know I dig your drawings, man. Cool stuff.