posted: May 7, 2008
In response to Nancy's post! Here is a sculptor I've been thinking about lately. The clothing he designs for his figures is just so beautiful and natural!
Rob Dunlavey May 7, 2008
I haven't looked at Manzu since college days. He's wonderful. You may also want to look at Ernst Barlach although his work has a more stylized Gothic quality.
Peter May 7, 2008
Duns! . . . your soooo right. On the money!
Nancy Stahl May 7, 2008
Thanks, Peter..! I like him, too.... now. I mean I wasn't familiar with him nor Barlach. A real education is here to be had on drawger..!
Donald Kilpatrick May 7, 2008
Amazing. I agree with Nancy, the education here is great.