The Big Dory 1913
posted: June 4, 2006
This painting by George Bellows is at the New Britian Museum of American Art in Connecticut. Its hanging right next to a gorgous landscape by Rockwell Kent. The New Britain has a great, great collection witha wide range of American Artist. They have a great little Calder mobile as well . . . Half price with a Society memebership and good books in the shop.
Bob Staake June 5, 2006
peter: thanks for this great image. NOW i'm gonna have to stop in new britain on my next trip down i-95 into the city -- if ONLY to see this great piece up close. bs
Michael Sloan June 5, 2006
Thanks for reminding me that I have to visit that museum. I've heard of it before - I think they have a great collection of Thomas Hart Benton, too.
Donald Kilpatrick June 5, 2006
Cus- Cus- a-Choo- When are you going to take me there? I have 97 JetBlue frequent flyer points. Maybe september...?