posted: May 12, 2008
watercolor and pencil...
I've been working on two proposals for a mosaic mural project for the MTA. This is a page of thumbnails from my sketchbook. They're all little baseball compositions . . . players, couches, the dugout, ect. Last week the focus of this project changed and these thumbs were shelved.
Steve Brodner May 12, 2008
Peter: I think these are some of the most plumb assignment ever. I love what we're doing with the stations now. Please keep us posted on the progress here. Wishing you grand slams with this. All best, Steve
David Ramshaw May 12, 2008
I'd call 'foul ball' on that last one, mate.
Peter Cusack May 12, 2008
Steve--Thanks. There is some really beautiful work in these MTA projects. Good people running the show over there. David . . . LOL! Its a simple landscape . . . a color note!?? What do you want from me??!!! LOL . . . I see your point. Thanks for the contribution.
Dale Stephanos May 12, 2008
Peter, too bad they went in a different direction. That's one of the reasons I'd rather do a detailed sketch than thumbnails - I feel better selling hard than being left with the possibility that the client didn't get what I was going for. Anyway, I hope the other set works out for you. This looks like it would be a dream job.
Nancy Stahl May 12, 2008
Peter...! It's so cool you're working on a mosaic for the subway. I hope they don't drive you nuts. Yours will be the best out there..!
Donald Kilpatrick May 13, 2008
It is nice to see this coming along.