posted: May 15, 2008
On the 10 bus in Riverdale...
The central figure in this sketchbook composition is a bus inspector. He rides along with the driver from time to time making sure all is well with the driver and route. Basically, it look to me as if he was just hanging out, shooting the breeze with his buddy, and gazing out the front window. He has such a good head I couldn't help but draw him. His uniform was simple so i searched for a few items that related to his job. Not much, but i decided to spend some time on the pens in his pocket and study out the keys hanging of his belt loop. By the way, that's his arm resting on the top of his head. During the ride I scoped out the other riders and indicated interesting moments of humanity and anatomy.
A bit closer...
Nancy Stahl May 16, 2008
Beautiful face. Are you getting really fast or did he hold this pose for a long while? Amazing how you got him down.
Peter Cusack May 16, 2008
Hey Nance. Thanks. Well the at the time I was working on him the bus was in a bit of traffic. But I kind of worked on the whole page at once. And while I was drawing other parts i would also add bits of character on him when I picked them up. Fast and slow I guess.
Tim O\'Brien May 16, 2008
I love the way you draw. I actually make attempts at this for of solid structure drawing all the time on the white sheet paper in front of my computer but it's nothing a fresh and assured as this.
Peter Cusack May 17, 2008
Timbo! Thanks for your comment and compliment.
David Zeggert May 30, 2008
Peter- solid drawing, very nice!!!- be well-D