posted: June 3, 2008
A recent Friday night session at the Art Students League; this young guy is a sculpture from Spain. He does some of his art work at The League but he's also a model. He looked so serious and stern sitting up on the model stand. But when we got a chance to talk during one of the breaks, I found him to be light hearted and joyful. I blasted through this painting, during which I did very little thinking about my process and where I was going. It wasn't really till the end of the session that I began to pull the painting together. I read somewhere that Sargent felt like painting outdoors was like an "emergency." I felt that during this session. The time is ticking away and I'm racing to "get it all down."
Brian Stauffer June 3, 2008
Fantastic mood and contrast.
Marc June 3, 2008
Nice work, Peter!
Peter June 3, 2008
Thanks guys for coming by and commenting.
Scott Bakal June 3, 2008
Very cool, my man...!
Leo Espinosa June 3, 2008
And you're asking me if I feel that I've arrived? You are much closer to landing... my plane has been delayed ha, ha!
Peter June 3, 2008
Na na na Leo . . . you da man!
Christian Slade June 3, 2008
What a beauty! Great painting!
Robert Hunt June 3, 2008
Nancy Stahl June 3, 2008
Solid and beautiful..!
Zina Saunders June 3, 2008
Strong and solid, Peter.
Peter June 3, 2008
Christian, Rober, Nance, Zina thanks for popping by!
Tim O\'Brien June 4, 2008
Nice chunky piece
Alexis Barattin July 7, 2009
whooa this blows me away, the thick brushstrokes are like delicious icing. wonderful study!
Peter July 7, 2009
Hey Alexis . . . thanks for your comment. Made my day.