posted: June 13, 2008
It happens every year. New Yorkers wait till the fist heat wave of the summer to buy an air conditioner. Miserable and sweating, they're seen all over the city lugging around A/Cs. Just another indication that summer is really here and I should start making plans.
Tim OBrien June 13, 2008
Hi Peter, nice drawing and oh, so familiar. I have this unwritten rule not to put in my AC until July. Early June has been unsettling. Last week my 3rd floor studio was so hot that I had to get another AC of another window. I went to LOWES and there were about 100 people with ACs in shopping carts standing in line. I got out of there amazingly fast. (note, in Park Slope/Red Hook there are 2 huge stores; LOWES and HOME DEPOT. Never go to HOME DEPOT and expect to leave with lowered blood pressure) I felt guilty with the second AC purchase, carbon footprint and all, but my studio is like Maine now. Again, nice drawing.
Marc June 13, 2008
You'll get no sympathy from me: we normally get 10-12 days a year of 100+ temperatures here in Austin, but so far we've already had 9, and it's not even officially summer yet! Most of the next few months will be spent looking out the window like a fish in a bowl, hoping the air-conditioning doesn't give out. Beautiful drawing, though.
Christian Slade June 13, 2008
We've have company from up there down in Florida this week. They say its cooler here in Orlando than up PA, NJ! Don't worry Pete! You're still as cool a cat as they come! -Conditioned Christian
Cathleen Toelke June 13, 2008
The poor soul does look hot, and the city sweltering, Peter. Very interesting, given the cool tones!
Nancy Stahl June 13, 2008
Nice wash and free line, Peter. I can feel the heat coming off the sidewalk and penetrating those poor feet.
Peter June 14, 2008
Tim . . . LOL . . . Home Depo sucks. I've never been to one and actually felt like a human being. mmmmmmm Maine! Good painting up there. Hope all of you find a cool spot to chill this summer. It's actually beautiful right now in NYC. Hope it stays this way. Last night the city was alive with revelers. Good night to be a waiter. Chris Marc Nancy and Cathleen thanks for coming by. At least we have drawger while we spend the summer in our fish bowls. Mine could use a few more plants.