posted: July 15, 2008
These are three views from the end of my beach chair....
A few weeks ago I went to Italy for a vacation. Positano is a tiny fishing village on the Med. Capri is just off the coast, a short and bumpy boat ride away. What an interesting corner of the world. Most of the time that I spent on the beach, I was semi-busy painting in my watercolor book. Mostly just slopping around. This is a page of color thumbs.
A view of Positano from my balcony. When I first got to Positano it rained like mad for two days. The streets were empty. The rain beat down hard on the awning above me, but provided, at least some protection, while I worked hard to enjoy the sea and a coffee. In hind sight everything was wonderful, but it sucked arriving in the middle of such rain.
also from my hotel balcony.
The town church.
and the sunbathers . . . the lazy sunbathers.
Like I said mostly i was slopping and mopping this medium around. But it felt great and freeing.
Alan Witschonke July 15, 2008
Peter, Beautiful sketches, lovely muted colors. Feels a bit like an overcast day. Great meeting you at the Roadshow!
Marc July 15, 2008
Nice work, Peter!
peter July 15, 2008
Alan the sun went in and out that day. When I arrived the town was under thick dark clouds, very dramatic. Over the next few days the sun came out more and more. It was good seeing/meeting you at the show as well. Thanks for stopping in. I'll post some other watercolors from Positano. Marc. Thanks
Leo Espinosa July 15, 2008
Jim Paillot July 15, 2008
That's what I call a vacation. I hope you mixed in some wine and pasta. Let's see more.
Peter July 15, 2008
Leo and Jim for sure. I'll take a break here and scan some more. Thanks for stopping in. Have a mint and take a business card on the way out.
David Flaherty July 15, 2008
Peter, the EURO too strong! Pull back! I hate you! nice sketches, how was the food?
peter Cusack July 15, 2008
David Food was very good. Although I wasn't blown away. I went to a restaurant called Chez Black which is famous and has a great quirky history. It was a big, loud place, with an army of waiters carrying around wine in ice buckets and moving tables, lifted high over their heads, lighting cigarettes. There was a neighborhood dog strolling through the tables hoping to get a hand out. Food was decent but the atmosphere was very authentic and interesting. It was freakin expensive! An a few locals said that they miss the Americans and that they're starting to feel all the economic trouble America is going through. OH . . . . I hate you too. Caio!
Robert Saunders July 15, 2008
Peter, I hope you indulged in some nice spaghetti alle vongole with a chilled white wine. I'd have been in heaven. I remember one summer visiting a little outdoor trattoria on the beach in the town of Castiglione della Pescaia around this time of year and having the best pasta alle vongole (with clam sauce) and wine I'd ever tasted. It was the breeze off the sea, the sun and la dolce vita.
Peter Cusack July 15, 2008
Sounds lovely Robert. It's good livin over there. Im getting hungry now. You know Im getting a little alle vongole tonight.
Cathleen Toelke July 15, 2008
Lovely stuff, lovely time, Peter.
Roberto Parada July 15, 2008
Peter, How come there aren't any food stains on your drawings? Were you really in Italy? Water colors are tough as tough gets, especially when your doing it in plein air. Bravo pisano, mutto bello! Ciao. I hope to go to Italy someday - never been.
Robert Saunders July 16, 2008
I forgot to say how much I like the watercolor sketches. Seen together they make a nice series. I particularly enjoy the angle from your balcony. They are almost abstract to me.
Zina Saunders July 16, 2008
Wonderful lens on what looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for posting these, Peter. I feel like I've had a little vacation, just by visiting them.
J.D. King July 17, 2008
As always, lovely stuff!
Peter July 19, 2008
Hey Guys . . . just getting back to this. Thanks for the comments. Robert . . . yeah some parts of my work are becoming a bit more abstract, expressionistic. I love the work of John Marin and Joe Soleman and a new guy I just discovered named Hank Virgona. JD, Zina, Roberto, Cathleen, I appreciate your visit.
Mrs. Jones July 20, 2008
Peter, I love the painting of the town church! I look forward to seeing more from your trip when you post again. Great job as always! I am a bit jealous that I have not been day perhaps! Mrs. Jones
Michael Sloan July 21, 2008
Peter - These are lovely, just the kind of outdoor watercolors that I try to do myself when traveling. You really capture the moment, the mood and light of the day in a unique way.