posted: October 16, 2008
So this is my second page from a shared sketchbook that I've begun working on with my man Scottso on the Late Show (scott anderson). The book is a dialogue of sorts, where we riff of the others previous page. His last image was a great little painting of a dog (see great little dog painting here). I decided to take off on the leash theme and did this acrylic painting. Acrylic is not really my choice of mediums. It feels a bit clumsy to me. I can't figure out if its oil or water color. With that said, there are a few passages in this piece that I love and felt connected to the medium. Recently, at a sketch group, I overheard a guy talking about drawing with his left hand and how it felt freeing. I'd say the same thing for this experience . . . a bit clumsy but a bit freeing too.
Brian Stauffer October 16, 2008
Powerful chops shown here, Peter. Your brushwork makes me want to throw away my technology.
mel October 16, 2008
Great use of color, too. Gives it a technicolor feel which makes it seem even more cinematic. Can't wait to see what Scott chooses to riff from this (10 bucks says he plays off the femme fatale's shock of red hair). gorgeous job peter
Zina Saunders October 16, 2008
Got a nice pulp feel, Peter!
Peter October 16, 2008
Brian, likewise, sometimes I envy the digital approach. Wish there was another me to explore that medium. Thanks guys for stopping in and leaving comments.
Leo Espinosa October 16, 2008
I personally like oil Pedro better than watercolor Pedro, but I think there's room for acrylic Pedro. You just need to spend some time with the medium and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. As Brian pointed out, you mi amigo, have some killer chops!
Peter October 17, 2008
Leo. It's always great to see a post from you. I think Im going to adopt one of these names. Not sure which one. Maybe watercolor pedro. I actually think that's the name of an exotic dancer who works in Time Square. I'll check before I go around using his name. LOL. MMMMM . . . chops . . . love it!
Scott Bakal October 17, 2008
Yeah...I've been eyeballin' you and Scott's work and it is WAY over the top but really awesome. This is a great piece, my man. Talk soon...S
peter October 17, 2008
HA? Scott I wonder what WAY over the top means? Thanks for stopping in.
Jeffrey Smith October 18, 2008
Peter, Really nice sketchbook painting and subject matter. Personally, I think painting in a sketchbook is very freeing. Drawing with your opposite hand is just painfull... Ha! I really like your use of color and brush stroke. Thanks for the post.
Scott Anderson October 21, 2008
Nice one Pete! It just arrived in the mail today, so I'll get moving on my next one. Have to confess to Mel (above in the comments) that riffing off the shock of red hair hadn't even occurred to me. I'll think of something eventually.
Peter Cusack October 21, 2008
Jeffrey thanks for stopping in. I really loved your post on your sketch book. Good inspiration there. Drawing with your left hand is strange. You'd have to force me to do it. Im sure the outcome would be interesting and all but I much rather continue to learn how to explore with the normal way I draw. Drawing is awesome aint it? Scottso Good luck . . . don't let the book sit too long. I feel some momentum happening. Its a fun project. Chow my friend!