posted: December 11, 2008
Today, flipping through a sketchbook from the summer, I revisited this watercolor. Its a view from a sunbathing pier on the westside highway. Damn it was hot that day; dry and clear. Coming across it this morning, which is cold, grey, and wet, was a refreshing, warming reminder of the sun. I love this part of keeping a painting and drawing journal. The time spent observing this scene, painting, the sensory info that I collect while quietly working, sounds, smells, feelings, all come back to me in an instant. This composition is not only a record of my visual observation, but looking at it today, opens a time capsule holding information of who I was, where i was, not six months ago.
Zina Saunders December 11, 2008
Lovely painting, Peter, with an equally lovely description of what you get from keeping a painted journal.
peter December 11, 2008
thanks for commenting Zina
J.D. King December 11, 2008
Really nice!
Tim OBrien December 11, 2008
Better than a camera!