posted: January 14, 2009
I had a meeting at the Soceity of Illustrators last night and decided to drive in, instead of taking the bus and subway. I was late so I parked my car in the lot right next door. HOLY SHIT THAT PLACE IS EXPENSIVE! I paid over 40 bucks for less than two hours. Thank god I was able to find a spot on the street after 7pm. I stayed to draw so I could make a night out of it.
Chris Spollen January 14, 2009
Ah yes but, you learned much grasshopper priceless Best CS
laura t. January 14, 2009
let me know next time you're headed up there, i'll pick you up on my scoot ;) always plenty of free parking! nice drawings too- i love her hat.
Nancy Stahl January 14, 2009
Sell the sketch, you'll definitely come out ahead... way ahead..!
Peter Cusack January 14, 2009
HA! Thanks Master Po! How the times have changed, Laura, a young girl driving around an older man through the city on her vespa. Good imagery. I'll wear a scarf.
peter January 14, 2009
Nancy I tried to give the sketch to the lot attendant. He looked at me as if I had four heads.
David Flaherty January 14, 2009
There are other lots that are cheaper nearby Peter, ask tonka.
Peter January 14, 2009
DF . . . I know, I saw them on the way in, down 63rd from the FDR. I'll hit up one of those next time. Tonka . . . anything?
Joe Ciardiello January 14, 2009
Peter, that lot next to the Society is a rip-off. I usually park in a lot on 63rd between 2nd and 3rd (closest to 2nd Av). There's also an entrance on 64th next door to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Nice drawing BTW.
Leo Espinosa January 14, 2009
You guys talk all you want about parking lots while I enjoy this beautiful drawing.
randy enos January 15, 2009
Yes...I wish I had a nickle for every 40 bucks I've thrown at that garage in the last...I hate to think how many years. Go down East a block or to an awning that says "Renoir" and you won't believe how cheap it'll think they made a mistake.
Robert Saunders January 15, 2009
What Joe said. Nice studies though!
Peter January 15, 2009
Hey thanks for the parking tips. NICE. I'm going to try Enos's lot. It's next to a Renoir awning . . . might be a sign . . . no pun intended on that one. And thanks for the compliments on the studies.
mel January 17, 2009
Can I have this drawing, if i promise to pay for all of your future parking lot fees? It's gorgeous.