posted: January 27, 2009
This is a recent painting from a boxing series that I've been working on. Working on one theme has allowed me to experiment with various techniques and artistic influences while exploring different narrative approaches in one subject matter. Homer is in here, as well as Bellows and probably a handful of others including the classic Roman sculpture, The Dying Gaul.
Here's a two close ups.
A bit blurry here; my own digipic.
Leo Espinosa January 27, 2009
Solid and at the same time full of movement, narrative, mood and expression. How big is this piece, Pedro?
Pedro January 27, 2009
It's about 20 x 24 or soo. Maybe a tad bigger. It's under a pile of other painting or I would measure it. But it's about that size. Another one of my goals is to work as large as possible. Im slowly climbing. Thanks for coming by amigo. Muchas very much.
Hesitant January 27, 2009
I never comment, just lurk, Ive never seen any one else critique so if this is inappropriate please disregard my comment. The top of the boxers head where it meets the edge of the other boxers leg is looking more like a tangent than letting the dark shapes merge together.
Peter January 27, 2009
Hi Hesitant HMMMMM maybe!? I know what your saying. Thanks for the comment. That crit wasn't so bad. NOW REVEAL YOURSELF YOU CAD!!!
Drew Friedman January 27, 2009
I don't see the problem? Really beautiful work.
Jim Paillot January 27, 2009
I have a soft spot in my heart for this sport and because of that I am extra critical of boxing artwork. I like this piece a lot. Especially the extreme close up and shadows of the knocked down fighter. But what I really notice is how a painter handles the background crowd. That is very tricky. At least for me, anyway. It can make or break a piece. Nicely done, Peter. The murky and partially lit crowd was handled so well.
Brian Stauffer January 27, 2009
I really like the blue atmosphere.
Tim OBrien January 27, 2009
Nice one...would love to see some close-ups
David Goldin January 28, 2009
That crowd lit up in the background is a very cool effect. Great one Peter.
J.D. King January 28, 2009
Peter Cusack January 28, 2009
Hey guys, thanks for taking a look see and leaving comments. Yes the crowd . . . not any easy thing to pull off. I like what I did there, learned some more stuff about doing a crowd and am looking forward to taking another shot . . . warms, cools, saturated color, muted color, edges, soft touch. Again thanks for your comments . . . even you Hesitant! BUT DON"T GET COCKY . . . I'll FIND YOU!!!
mel February 19, 2009
feels like a modern take on a greek myth. the only thing i don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE about this painting is the title. i don't think it's about being knocked down, i think he's on his way to getting back up and winning.