Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
posted: July 21, 2006
That's me!!! Not to say that this is the only way I was. I bet it would have been more appropriate to depict myself surrounded by TV's. I watched an endless amount of TV. I was happiest eating pizza bagels and watching Night Rider.
Murray Tinkelman or "Tink" (I never call him that) invited me to participate in his lastest traveling show entitled "Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby;" selfportrait of the artist as a child. So here is my contribution. This image stems from the memories of the many days I spent under the care of my grandparents. Each afternoon, my grandfather took me for a walk along the sound to feed a family of swans. The days I spent with them were peaceful, loving and comforting, and no doubt gave me a foundation to grow on.
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David Flaherty July 21, 2006
How can I make a sarcastic comment when you post cute things like this Peter?!