posted: February 19, 2009
For an artilce about Sysco's changing identity. Not only did Hopper lend his composition but generously let me use his farm house. Thanks buddy.
Jim Paillot February 19, 2009
Hopper is a "giver". I really love the inferred detail. As always- the color is so nice.
Christian Slade February 19, 2009
Nice one Peter! That truck and the dust kick up look great!
mel February 19, 2009
i'm desperate for some sunshine and warm weather and this literally makes me feel like i'm standing barefoot on a farm. bravo for turning what could have been a pretty flat story about a company-and-a-truck into a beautifully sunny story about a slice of americana.
Mark Fisher February 19, 2009
In addition to the image I love the geometry Peter.
Robert Saunders February 19, 2009
Beautiful Peter. Great blue accent in the sky.
Christoph Hitz February 20, 2009
Peter A while back I saw a documentary about Hopper's locations, some can hardly be recognized by the spread of urban sprawl. The truck kicking up the dust hit's it right in between. Nice job.