Surviving Has Made Me Crazy
posted: July 28, 2006
The final sketch. It was very important to the author that the man's face be smiling.
Surviving Has Made Me Crazy is a collection of poems from a writer and philosopher named Mark Nepo. I am working on his book's cover image. With in these poems, Mark discussed the transformation he and his wife underwent as patients and survivors of cancer. The experience of being so close to death so young, fighting and surviving has redefined his life in the most profound way. In his words: "In truth, this experience has unraveled the way I see the world. It has scoured my lens of perception, landing me in a deeper sense of living. Both Ann and I were, against our will, reduced, with our mouths open, into the mystery of life in which we all swim and from which we all emerge on our separate shores. And spit up, naked and exhausted, its clear that, being human, we are each a crucible, an ever-changing inlet through which the greater Whole in all its forms ebbs and flows." These image depicts a particular line of poetry which I felt captured the essence of this collection. It reads: I eat flowers now and birds follow me. I am showing here the thumbnail which I used to present the concept and the final sketch, which went through a bit of an evolution.
The thumbnail showing my cover concept. TOOO STIFF!!! ...
And finally . . . the final!
Rob Dunlavey July 28, 2006
Hey Peter, Maybe you could add a couple of caterpillars playing kazoos or something light like that. It'd really cheer folks up. Sorry, it's been a long couple of days! I can't wait to see the finish for this cover design! --Rob
Zina Saunders July 29, 2006
Lovely sketch and idea. I actually like might be because art directors tell me to take them out, and I'm being recalcitrant. But whatever the reason, I like the way the bird's wing merges with the guy's face and neck. I think it underlines in a poetic visual way the internal nature of the whole image. My two cents. -Z
Peter Cusack July 29, 2006
Zina Yeah, I like the way you put it. I'm not sure, I like the wing there too. Maybe it makes you feel the flutter sensation a bit more. I have been playing with it both ways. Its pobably going to be something that I wonder about during the whole dang thing. Thanks for stopping by! Wish i had a party favor to give you. Here. Have a carmel!
Zina Saunders July 29, 2006
I love carmels, but not as much as I love your work. I figure seeing your stuff is all the favor I need! -Z