Arthur Getz
posted: July 28, 2006
I just wanted to share this great New Yorker cover that I baught. Arthur Getz. July 16 1953. Kinda feels this way right now.
David Flaherty July 29, 2006
Very nice cover. Done no doubt before New York became muti-ethinic.
Peter Cusack July 29, 2006
David You made me laugh! I was looking for a way to say that. No dredlocks??
Robert Saunders August 10, 2006
I'm late in posting, but it takes me awhile. I too, love Arthur Getz's work more than almost any NYer illustrator ever. He just nailed the ephemeral qualities of beauty more than any other for me...what chops! Another fave is Peter Arno despite the obvious datedness of his social stereotypes.