Rembrant at the Morgan Library, NYC
posted: July 30, 2006
"Two Mummers on Horseback" (what the hell is a mummer?)
Pen and brown ink, brown wash, with yellow and red chalks, white tempra. 8"x6"...
I went to the Rembrant etching show at the Morgan Library on Madison Ave! Holy shit! It was great! The library was just redone, by the way! It kind of hurts at first, but it's really done very nicely. So if your in and around NYC . . . go see the show! The etchings blew me away. Seeing them in person is seeing them for the first time. GO!!!
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LAM September 27, 2007
Mummers: "bands of masked entertainers who paraded the streets and visited houses to dance and perform plays."