posted: April 3, 2009
Earings, buttons, glasses, plaid and argyle, all fun to draw....
It's been sometime that I've been on a subway. Back in November I got rid of my sexy 92 Saab and bought a very reliable Outback. It's a great car. With that, I just couldn't bring myself to get on a subway. I've been driving around ever since. I hate subways! Within the past week or so, I've moved back into town. My new subway stop is the 1 at Christopher Street. And just yesterday I took a lovely little trip up to 96th street. It was good to see everyone again . . . looking grim as usual.
Zina Saunders April 3, 2009
I never learned to drive. I love the subway and your drawings from it.
Peter April 3, 2009
Wait a second Zimm . . . you don't drive at all??? You don't live in the city do you??
Zina Saunders April 3, 2009
Ha! I am Zina, Peter, not Zimm. I live in a big city.
Peter April 3, 2009
And I am peter and I only own half a brain.
Zina Saunders April 3, 2009
Silly! You're wrong again, Peter: you've got more than your share of brains and way too much talent! No fair!
Peter April 3, 2009
cute! Now Im going to get reamed by my tax guy. soon soon.
Zina Saunders April 3, 2009 you mean you're about to go see your tax accountant and he's going to deliver bad news? And that you and I will see each other soon?
J.D. King April 3, 2009
Taking subways are one thing I do NOT miss about NYC. The West Village is your new home? Have you forsaken illustration and taken up bank-robbing?
Nancy Stahl April 3, 2009
Don't pass me by... don't make me cry... don't make me bluuuuue..! Stop ten blocks short sometime..! I've been taking the train to Brooklyn quite a bit lately and I find great little quiet stories unfolding and small kindnesses that make me smile at some point on my trip. Or I play Wurdle and ignore everyone the whole way.
Peter Cusack April 4, 2009
Wurdle . . . Hilarious. I'll stop up for sure. Lots of good places down here for drawgers to hang out. Especially a place called Fat Cat. It has live jazz and blues, and ping pong, pool tables, chess, you name it.
Larry Ross April 5, 2009
It's nice to hear that you're enjoying your new digs (aside from the subway rides)! Great sketches, Peter! Especially, considering the way the trains jerk around and the way you have to be sneaky so people don't realize that you're sketching them. Keep up the good work. People in the subways are usually a little tired and a little irritable. To draw them is to capture a significant part of the human condition.
Harry April 5, 2009
Living in a city where public transportation is poorly lacking makes me appreciate cities like NY, paris, London, where you can go anywhere by train. Baltimore is a car town and I hate cars, love trains, subways too.
Peter April 5, 2009
I spent most of today walking . . . it was a lovely day . . . sun, warmth, dry. Larry, I love that part of drawing in the subway . . . the human condition. And its really a treasure to have so many models at hand . . . real models . . . life models. Thanks for stoping in Larry and Harry. That rhymes!
Leo Espinosa April 6, 2009
Dude, keep riding the train. It gives you the chance to draw and gives us the chance to enjoy your work. I love the subway, even in hot sticky days, I cannot care less. That's the price for one of the greatest visual treats a city has to offer. Leo "I hate cars just like Harry" Espinosa
Peter April 7, 2009
Ha! Leo thanks for stopping by. The subway is such a refuge in so many ways . . . countless narratives . . . and for me, it helps me feel connected to the world. It's interesting how riding the subway is essentially just a means of transportation, but more importantly it's about people spending time together in the simplest but profound way.
Elizabeth April 15, 2009
There's a fine line between appreciating and feeling irritated by a simple subway ride. Your sketches and all the comments have helped me see the beauty again. Thank you.