posted: April 15, 2009
Steve Brodner April 15, 2009
Lovely and sensitive. That last one is very special. Watercolor is king with me. You are A-1.
Peter April 15, 2009
Hey Steve I love watercolor too. It's like a "state of mind". I think a lot about the watercolor work of Homer and Charles Ried, John Marin. Thanks for taking a look. Your comments mean a lot to me. Cheers my friend.
Hal Mayforth April 15, 2009
Very nice work, Peter. I agree with Steve. That watercolor is a treat. Some beautiful passages in there.
Zina Saunders April 15, 2009
The watercolor is really lovely, Peter, as are the sketches.
Randall Enos April 15, 2009 here for the watercolor. Next time I see Charlie Reid I'll tell him he was mentioned alongside Homer and Marin...he'll be thrilled.
Roberto Parada April 16, 2009
Great watercolor, I like the subtlety of mood. I really enjoy the line work in your drawings. Peter how do you like working with pen and ink?
Leo Espinosa April 16, 2009
You don't only draw, you build your figures, Pedro. Time to spend some time working with clay.
Peter Cusack April 16, 2009
Hey Guys Thanks for checking in. Means alot. Randy! You know Charles Reid! I want to meet him! Roberto, I should be more experimental. I haven't done much time with pen and ink. Have you? I'd love to take a painting trip and focus on medium that I've always wanted to . . . like pen and ink. What artist would represent the type of pen and ink work your mentioning? First guy that comes to mind for me is David Levine . . . and some of the artists on drawger actually. Thanks for commenting. Your work is always an inspiration. I have you ACDC painting on my desktop gallery. Leo, I do build my drawings. I have a lot of art fantasies. One is to sculpt. I'm a big fan of Manzu. We all need more time to explore don't we. But I'm not sure if that statement fits you. It seems like your always exploring. It's really one of the major benefits of hanging out at Drawger. Witnessing the artistic processes and growth and exploration of the other artist, like yourself, helps me move out of my own head. Zina, I can always count on you for a comment . . . we all can really. Thanks. Hal, yes the passages. That describes how I both look at paintings and art in general. It's such a musical way of thinking . . . . I'd also say that it's a part what watercolor does. It's about being in a zone where you lay down color then decide weather or not to leave it or not, maybe support it with another not somewhere else, then maybe lift some color out of another area. Althogether you creating various related passages that hopefully hang together as a whole. Thanks for you comment and seeing. I probably misspelled a lot here. What happened to the automatic spell check. SHIT!!!