posted: April 28, 2009
Keep the Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner house (East Hampton, LI) in mind for a great day trip this spring or summer or early fall. I went with the students and faculty of St John's University. It's really lovely out there; the studio, the house, their bedrooms, books, record collection, Lee's studio, and the absolutely stunning property. Here are a few pics. I cold have captured the day better but I just forgot to take more photos.

looking through the studio window...
Nancy Stahl April 28, 2009
It looks like a fantastic place. I'm afraid I'd be too jealous to enjoy the moment. Of course, their lives together weren't all peaches and cream.
J.D. King April 28, 2009
Will this visit set off a stylistic shift in your work? :)
Doug Fraser April 28, 2009
Standing on haloed ground. Very interesting, that would be great to experience. Paintings that shifted the huge city next store, and the world of art, from such a quaint setting.
Robert Saunders April 28, 2009
Great pictorial tour, Peter...I'd love to catch this place some day.
Peter Cusack April 28, 2009
Doug you nailed the feeling of being there. JD . . . well his story, his breakthrough inspires me for sure. Their home and their commitment to painting inspires me as well. I just have a lot of respect for the whole movement that took place out there and love to muse about the intellectual spirit of the time and the spontaneity of the work they were all doing. Nance . . . no they weren't. I have in a book here a letter that Lee wrote to Jackson while away in Europe. It's a lovely little letter that illustrates their bond. After Jackson's death, Lee had a giant stone trucked in to mark his grave. I think it was half a mountain. The story seems to reflect how much she moved for him in life an what she thought of him as a human being. Touching
Cathie Bleck April 29, 2009
Stay tuned for the new book coming out on Pollock by Henry Adams : Tom and Jack : The Intertwined lives of Jackson Pollock and Thomas Hart Benton. Henry is a friend of mine and this book is full of personal stories and intrigue. This relationship was long ignored by art historians. Pollack was a student and almost like family to Thomas Hart Benton. Thanks for sharing this-I will try to make it out there sometime.
Graham McArthur April 29, 2009
Thanks for this. I am a real Pollock fan. Can't wait for that book now
gregm April 29, 2009
hey folks it's Pollock not Pollack. Enjoyed the post nevertheless. :)
Peter Cusack April 29, 2009
Ohhh Jeez . . . your right Greg. I often say nucular too. At least I can change it in the title of the post. Thanks for pointing it out.
Amelia April 30, 2009
This is so cool! Did you have to wear special shoes on that floor? Can you elaborate on how much of the interior of the house has been preserved/how much of it you had access to? Really great photographs, thanks for sharing.