THE CLARK ART INSTITUTE: my camera download
posted: May 4, 2009
Another great day trip, The Clark Institute in Williamstown MA, Well . . . maybe plan to stay overnight, there's really a lot to view . . .
Close up from Homer's Undertow....
Lay it on Frederic!...
Background figures from Remington's Dismounted: The Trooper.

WM Chase...
Love this beautiful Gauguin double portrait!...
From a show on Toulouse-Lautrec and Paris.
Hal Mayforth May 5, 2009
Good for you getting out and about Peter. I enjoyed the Pollack post as well as this one. Let me know if you ever get further afield and check out The Shelburne Museum. I will meet you for lunch.
Peter Cusack May 5, 2009
Thanks Hal, I'll check out the Shelburne. I've never been to Vermont. I'll for sure give you a call.
Andy Levine / John Nebraska May 5, 2009
So cool.
David Zeggert May 7, 2009
Excellent posting- Holy cow, undertow guy is jacked- incredible work, I especially like the Chase portrait, is the reclining woman painted by Chase. too?