posted: May 26, 2009
This is a small painting. 8x10.
It was meant to be a study.
But i took it further then I planned.
It's a theme that's been done by many of the painters I look up to.
I popped in some of the ol' time characters I dream about as well.
I still have plans to do this painting larger.
I guess what I really loved about doing it was the anatomy and connection/composition between the two bodies through the punch.
rusty May 26, 2009
is that Apollo Creed in the American Trunks?
Tim OBrien May 26, 2009
Right hand over the top!
peter May 26, 2009
HA Very good Rusty. It would be Apollo. And as I remember The Rocks truncks were white with red trim. Tim, OOOFF!
Jim Paillot May 27, 2009
Yep. And here comes a follow up left cross. The two guys in front are missing a good fight. Peter, I love it when you paint the sweet science.
Mike Moran May 27, 2009
Really nice work Peter. My friend once won the NJ Golden Gloves. He wanted me to join. He said they hit you once you fall down and get a trophy. I said no thanks to that one.
Nancy Stahl May 27, 2009
Beautiful. Did you plan that the men would wear fewer clothes as they get closer to the ring? Almost as if the heat of the fight radiated out. Love the balding guy in the sleeveless undershirt.
Doug Fraser May 27, 2009
For me the entire focus of the piece is the back and arm of the fighter throwing the punch. The architecture of structure broken down into the colored facets is pleasing, and interesting.
Drew Friedman May 27, 2009
Knockout. (sorry)
Peter May 28, 2009
Hey there Nance. No I didn't plan it but I see what your talking about. Now that I think about it, I think see it as the people in the back would be less into the fight, and maybe participating in other "side dealings" and conversations that might take place at a fight night. It kinda refers to how a fight night isn't just about the fight but other social connections take place as well. Doug . . . for me too. It's the very base reason I planned the whole painting . . . to show case the athletes back. I'm painting another back right now . . . another fighter. I love the back's anatomy, muscles, geometry, and the poetry of strength that it lends to images. In addition, watching someone or something from behind is a totally different experience then viewing it face to face. I'm not sure why exactly. Maybe it's a more introspective, voyeuristic view point. Guys thanks for the convo. I could go on . . . wish there was an opportunity to chat face to face . . . ha!
Peter May 28, 2009
Mike . . . ha! What an amazing accomplishment . . . winning in Jersey. Simply put a boxer is an artist. Becoming a champion must make you learn so much about yourself and the world around you. The fine tuned skill, the movements, and timing is it not like being a classically train musician? Growing up, my neighborhood was filled with fighting. Golden gloves has some seriously tough kids in it. It would have been good for me to learn to box as a kid. Would have helped my confidence in a tough neighborhood. Thanks for checking in Guys . . . Jim, Drew.