posted: June 1, 2009
Bought a little book a few years ago at a used book store in CT. It was of an artist I'd never heard of before, Michael Leonard. Over the next few years I kept my eyes open, looked for other matierial on line and asked around. I've been so moved by his compositions, poetry, and craft. I showed two books to my graduate class at FIT. One was Edwin Dickinson and and the other Michael Leonard. Turns out that he put up a one man show here in NYC @ the Forum Gallery. It's a really powerful show of figurative work, paintings and exquisit drawings.  I actually met him the day that I went to see the show. We got to talking and spent the rest of the afternoon talking over lunch. I  brought him by the society as well. He was impressed by the work in the student show. We talked about color palettes, degas and wyeth and paul cadmus, gesso, drawing approaches . . . stimulating, deep, artistic conversation. He went back to London that day. The show is up only until June 12. Check it out if you can.

Peter Hermann June 2, 2009
very interesting paintings, especially the second (love the green and red cloth draped around the leg at the bottom, made me think of Schiele and that is never bad. I visited the link and saw the drawings, no shaking hands there.
Bruce Lamont June 2, 2009
I can see his weiner
Nancy Stahl June 2, 2009
Beautiful paintings. I love that moment when a person's face is revealed in the effort of removing a t-shirt or sweater.
Peter June 2, 2009
Hi Nance I thought you'd like Michael's feel. I wonder if you feel a kinship to his poetry?
Tom of Finland June 3, 2009