posted: June 10, 2009

Two figure drawings . . . both small . . . under 8x10 . . . lots of gradual noodling.

Jim Paillot June 10, 2009
Good ol' figure drawing. So simple but yet so hard to do it well. These are beauties, Peter.
Victor Juhasz June 10, 2009
Really quite beautiful drawings. An incredible sense of intimacy here. Great subtle shading.
Julie June 10, 2009
Really lovely Peter!!
Scott Bakal June 11, 2009
Seurat. I just needed to say that. I was obsessed for about a year over his conti crayon pieces which at times, I think were way above the boards compared to his paintings. Did you get to see that show at MOMA? Anyway, these beautiful drawings reminded me of it. Gorgeous, my man!
Nancy Stahl June 11, 2009
Are these recent? I see a connection between them and your article on the locker room guys. Beautiful drawings.
Peter Cusack June 11, 2009
Yes Nancy, they are related to Leonard's work. I've drawn tonally before but I surely took from him conceptually. Scottso . . . yes Seurat too . . . I remember when you were inspired by seurat's work. And yes I kinda agree . . his drawings have something special that his paintings don't. I actually think that that happens often. I often respond more to an artist drawings more then the paintings. Excluding people like Chase, and Duveneck (sp?), and Henri and John Kock, and Dickinson. Lets see how many artist's I can name and impress with. UMMMM any who. I think about the same issue. For me the key is keeping the same level of observation and searching in the painting as the drawing, as not to create a colored drawing. Maybe Seurat paintings are a bit like colored drawings. Good convo . . . thanks. Thanks for coming by Julie and Victor and Jim, your comments on intimacy and drawing and of course the compliment means a lot to me.
Donald Kilpatrick June 12, 2009
These drawings have such impact! Quiet moments handled with such skill. Love it!