Noodling Tunney
posted: June 15, 2009
A portrait of Gene Tunney

larryroibal June 15, 2009
Nice portrait... It looks like Dempsey never laid a glove on that handsome face.
Victor Juhasz June 15, 2009
Great tonal rendering. A beautiful overall feel. Thomas B. Allen passed away several years ago, but taught us at Parsons back in the 70s. Are you familiar with his work? faceburn?
Peter June 15, 2009
Hey Victor! I'm not but I just looked him up quickly . . . saw a lovely painting of some kind of out door event, with a county fair feel. Really beautiful painting, great harmonious colors! I'm going to look for more. Thanks. I'm not sure what faceburn is. Was it the key in to make a comment?? Strange word coupling.
Victor Juhasz June 15, 2009
Yeah, faceburn was the word coupling. Still digesting the Barron Storey exhibit.
Dale Stephanos June 15, 2009
Beautiful Peter.
Peter June 15, 2009
Weird . . . Me too, I've been thinking a lot about it. I'm planning on going back. Mostly I was left with feeling the darkness that's in his work, maybe a bit of isolation, and the intensity of is approach.
Victor Juhasz June 15, 2009
After your response I decided to see for myself what Google had on Tom Allen. Greatly disappointed by the lack of visual links. A few kids books mentioned, but really no decent examples. Bummer.
Jim Paillot June 16, 2009
What a beauty. One of boxing's classiest champions.
Donald Kilpatrick June 16, 2009
A beauty! You are onto something great here!