posted: June 25, 2009
This drawng is not based on the following poem by Gary Snyder but it kept coming up while I was working. The drawing is a possible concept for an upcoming show about the fragility of the environment.

		No Matter, Never Mind

The Father is the Void
The Wife Waves

Their child is Matter.

Matter makes it with his mother
And their child is Life,
a daughter.

The Daughter is the Great Mother
Who, with her father/brother Matter
as her lover,

Gives birth to the Mind.

Gary Snyder
Turtle Island
Peter Hermann June 26, 2009
truly beautiful drawing. I keep seeing a woman lying down.
Peter Cusack June 26, 2009
Thanks so much for coming over and leaving a comment. Well without spilling all the various themes and influences and moments in my life that are behind this drawing and maybe it's simple statement . . . your on the right track. It's funny what comes through while your working. I have a favorite painting by Bellows of the Hudson River during the winter with the Palisades in the distance, a frozen NY landscape, that has made it's way into this drawing. Thanks again for stopping in.
Victor Juhasz June 26, 2009
Wonderful sensitivity.
baratas June 26, 2009
Adam McCauley June 26, 2009
Beautiful, sensitive drawing Peter. Do you know the work of William A. Berry? This reminds me of some of his later graphite still lives.
peter June 27, 2009
hey adam I dont' know Berry but I'm going to look him up now. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment.