posted: August 3, 2009
Two recent pieces in watercolor. One related to a job I'm working on and the other done while musing and listening a little jazz classico. Thinking about lots of stuff while working on these . . . but mostly about giving myself time, the balance between planning and direct painting, John Cuneo's last post, and the musicality of painting.  My sketchbook, for years has been black and white, ball point pen. Slowly my interests are changing. I'm starting to love the idea of a little paintings all bound up in one book . . . travel studies and observations turned into compositions.  Big charcoal drawings, like those of Diebenkorn, and his ink wash figure compositions have also been on my mind. Would love to send a week in the studio's of all my favorite artists, doing what they do.

Wishawna August 3, 2009
Beautiful. You always do amazing stuff with so many mediums."mostfine."
Victor Juhasz August 3, 2009
Nice, loose, but structured all at the same time. Very nice. I hope John is appreciating being included in the paragraph with one of the greats, Richard Diebenkorn. Feeling inspired of late to start using the watercolors in the sketchbook as well. Great jazz listening you've got lettered into your first piece.
peter cusack August 3, 2009
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment Victor. I'd love to see what's going on in your sketchbook as well. Do you know the movie called Jazz on a Summers Day? I bet you'd love it! Wishawna . . . thanks the compliment!
Zina Saunders August 3, 2009
Lovely stuff, Peter. Your landscapes are so evocative -- where was this one done?
Victor Juhasz August 3, 2009
Jazz on Summer's Day? With Ellington at Newport?
Peter August 3, 2009
Zina, I hiked a long way through google and found a nice spot. Victor, yes that's the movie, You know it. Don't you love just the way life was back then. I love the music and the look and feel of the movie. Loved seeing the Chico Hamiliton (?) band practicing in that old house, sweating.
Yuko August 3, 2009
Cool! makes me want to get a sketch book!
peter August 4, 2009
Thanks for coming by Yuko. I'm surprised . . . you don't have sketch book?
Nancy Stahl August 4, 2009
They're both beautiful, but I especially love the portrait with the cap pulled down. More... more...!
David Flaherty August 4, 2009
Like the dapper dude.
peterf August 4, 2009
yes i dig the dapper dude as well. i found that painting the pattern of he hat was very satisfying. In general, anything dapper is good. NANCE!
Leo Espinosa August 4, 2009
muy bien, Pedro!
mel August 4, 2009
beautiful, beautiful! as a side note, i think it'd be interesting (and maybe fun?) to keep track of the music you listen to as you paint/draw in one of your sketchbooks (either incorporating it, as you have done here w/Dapper Dude, or just penciling it on the back). personally i think it would be super cool to look back and see if there were any patterns between the music and your artistic choices.
PEter August 4, 2009
Muchas Leo Mel . . . i like your idea. Lets "brain sprint" on it.