The Sacred Grove
posted: August 18, 2006
Nicole picked up that table cloth at Home Goods real cheap. Nice!...
Donnie Kils and I went out to "The Sacred Grove" a mormon pilgrimage destination (I will let him tell you more about that) for a visit and a little painting session "au pleine aire" (oui, oui!) style. We had an awesome time talking, joking, impersonating John Thompson (whom we both admire very much, by the way), shouting various exuberances and painting the "hell" out of the Sacred Grove. The Sacred Grove is a very beautiful place and all kidding aside I felt that it was holy ground. To say the least, Don and I shared a spiritual afternoon. Later that evening we went to John Thompsonís house were he and Darren barbequed and we all got a sneak peak at his India series. Wow!
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Leo Espinosa August 18, 2006
the connection between the spirit and the brush produces paintings like this one, very deep in its own simplicity. It must have been a great afternoon!