posted: August 19, 2009
The West Village is a little utopia. Here, everyone lives in harmony and relative peace. All along the Westside Highway, contemporary architectures mixes effortlessly with the quaint historic townhouses and factory buildings. Relic shipping piers are now greenways and bike paths. And to be quiet honest . . . parking is terrific. This pier is right off of Christopher St. On the weekend it's lawn is covered with sunbathers. From the end of the pier, beneath a canopy of trees, this unique point of view rolls in off the Hudson unfolding a contemporary narrative, a Sunday in the Park and a reflection of Prendergast. As I work, a few investigate. One passerby, early on, asks me how was I going to paint all those people. My response," I have no clue, I've never done this before." They get up, they sit down, they roll over, they bend their knees. They read, they talk on the phone, then four more people show up with chinese. It's insane. Nothing in this painting is really nailed down . . . except the composition and depth. The rest are brush strokes that could be blown off by a good wind.

Victor Juhasz August 19, 2009
Super. Any attempt to refine it will kill the energy and spirit.
Robert Hunt August 19, 2009
I like that painting!
peter August 19, 2009
thanks guys!
Stephen Kroninger August 19, 2009
Nice. I recognized it right away. Another of our backyards. I need to get over there again before summer ends. Have you painted in Washington Square Park?
Zina August 19, 2009
Wonderful abstraction of form, the fractured, simple, angular shapes so elegantly describing the crowd. I also very much like the way those shapes are echoed in the sky treatment.
Nancy Stahl August 19, 2009
Terrific, Peter. The figures are wonderful.
WAM August 19, 2009
beautiful. Is it for sale?
Laura Levine August 19, 2009
Love it!
Scott Bakal August 19, 2009
Cuse! It was wonderful seeing this one on the easel. Great to see you too. This doesn't need to be finished. It is what it is and it's just right.
Bob Henri August 19, 2009
Peter August 19, 2009
Hey Robert Henri . . . nice of you to join us! WAM! Yes, I would consider selling it. Steve, not yet, but I've been spending a bit of time in WSP; either just walking through or listening to three great jazz bands, keeping my eye open for a painting idea. I actually thought of you and your WSP piece(s) the other day while I was there. What an amazing corner of the world. Nance and Scottso and Laura and Zina . . . thanks for your comments!
Adam McCauley August 20, 2009
Wow, that is a beautiful painting Peter. I especially love the rhythm of the lower middle quarter, it's almost like it's moving as I look at it.
peter cusack August 20, 2009
Up late Adam . . . thanks!
Tim OBrien August 20, 2009
Painting in mid day with that knowledgeable crowd is brave. They must have been impressed. Nice job
Peter August 20, 2009
Thanks Big T
Stephen Kroninger August 20, 2009
Let me know when you're in the park. It's my backyard. There are people painting in there from time to time. They seem to be allowed to go about their business with only the occasional curious onlooker. One of those being my daughter. She loves to stop and watch the painters paint and then give them her opinion about their work. She's always positive.
Peter Cusack August 21, 2009
Steve . . . she sounds really sweet. I'll let you know when I'm out there. Does she paint as well?? What a backyard. I feel really lucky to be here. Did a little cheese shopping and tasting at Murrays . . . ooo maybe that could be another place for a painting. They have a beautiful logo and identity. Anywho neighbor . . . say hi to you daughter and I'll see you in and around.
stephen Gardner August 22, 2009
Nice one Peter.
dad September 26, 2009